Happy Home School For The Blind


No learning can occur without dedicat-
ed staff. To teach the visually impaired, teachers require sensitivity, imagination and vision. They learn to simplify pedagogy, to innovate and adapt efficiently to every learner’s unique situation. A student-teacher ratio which never exceeds ten students per teacher allows emotional
bonding to occur. Students view teachers as friends and role models and many return to join the HHSB as faculty members.

Adding to the teaching reservoir, is the steady group of talented volunteers who have stayed with HHSB walking the children from inception through to their departure and beyond. Not just hours or weeks but in many cases this involvement has extended to decades. Volunteers contribute their own preferred skills, ranging from academics (including audio-textbooks), ophthalmic surgery to paediatric care, music, weaving, pottery, ceramics, drama, mime, yoga, swimming and a variety of sports.